Traditional Trophy Components

Understanding the parts of a trophy will help you when shopping for awards and trophies Here are Some of the common parts that make up a trophy. We have listed them in the common order of use, going from the top to the base.

This is just a basic guide. When it comes to trophies there are many possibilities.

The Figure: Commonly used on the very top of a trophy. There are hundreds of variations to choose from. from traditional gold figures to full color resins. Virtually every sport or activity are represented.

Check Ring or Lid: Check Rings are small disks that sit on top of the column acting as trim and a base for the figure. On multi column trophies a Lid, usually made as a slightly smaller mirror to the base  is used for the same purpose. Large trophies may use several column, check ring and lid combinations as it ascends in height.

Column: These are used to give the trophy exciting color and height.  Columns usually are offered in a round and a rectangular style. Today most columns are made of hollow plastic tubing with a colorful Mylar wrap, wood turned columns are also available.

Engraved Plate: The whole reason for the trophy, giving personal recognition to a deserving individual, or organization. From traditional engraving, laser engraving, or sublimation there are a lot of possibilities.

Base:  Bases are just like the name implies the base of the trophy, the most common materials are marble, wood, or plastic, again with many styles shapes, and colors to choose from. 

Along with the basics of the trophy, there are many embellishments, such as  cups, risers, medallion holders, winged figures etc. Look through some of the examples we show on our web site, or stop into the store and talk to one of our representatives, and have us build the trophy that best matches your needs.